One of our homies was on his way to a party, when his other friend asked if he was down to make a detour to check out the Lincoln Memorial, since it was close by. They checked it out and then realized they were gonna be late to the party. They rode to one edge of the memorial looking for the fastest way to get down only to end up riding back to the front and then walk down the entrance stairs. That's when they noticed their younger homie behind them was getting hassled by the Federal Security for the memorial. The younger homie was wearing rollerblades, so he was struggling getting down the steps, and thats when they pressed him. Our homie wasn't going to let them just press the young homie, so he jumps in and tries to get the feds to relax on his friend. The fed immediately grabs our homie, and arrests him. They proceed to arrest all of the guys they were with and issue a ticket to each of them for skating on the Lincoln Memorial. Honestly, it was such a fucked up situation, we only felt it was right to make him this legendary custom Quoted piece.

Until the day he releases the piece to the public, only he has the 1-of-1 piece.

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